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Kate Kirkman Sony Ambassador


Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador

Brent Kirkman Sony Ambassador


Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador

A strong vocational calling to become a professional photographer drew Kate from her high-profile jobs in Marketing at ITV, and as an Account Director for the branding company Lambie-Nairn.  Working with clients including FIFA, O2, and the BBC showed her the power that photographic imagery can have on clients and customers alike. Having worked as a creative storytelling photographer for the past 12 years and having written regular articles and columns for the trade’s press, she is regarded as one of the industry’s leading lights. Under her brand Kate Hopewell-Smith Photography she became one of a handful of global ambassadors for Nikon when she shot on DSLR and now both she and her husband Brent, are not only Sony European Imaging Ambassadors, but also Rotolight – Masters of Light.    Kate also shoots with Elizabeth under the Luxury Boudoir brand – MUSE and together the team run visual content agency CREATE.

Brent, likewise, spent over 25 years in Global IT specialising in CRM and Mobile prior to becoming a celebrated cinematographer.   As an ex-developer of cutting-edge tech, he has a vast knowledge of website and mobile phone technology which helps CREATE stay ahead of the field.  Combine that with his CAA GVC drone pilot licence and his Navy diving qualifications and you have a truly formidable set of talents in one neat little package – a bit like a Jedi.

Kate & Brent have recently relocated to Cornwall but still shoot weddings all over the UK and Abroad.  They describe themselves as people ‘who need water to breathe’.

Mark Rawlings


Elizabeth Keates


Mark and Elizabeth bring a truly unique set of storytelling skills to byLUMIERE.  Again a husband and wife team, their journey has been filled with a deep appreciation for visual arts and a love for captivating narratives.

Elizabeth’s passion for acting and oil painting started as a lifelong hobby but soon turned into a profession, setting the stage for her artistic endeavours. Meanwhile, Mark, during his doctorate at Oxford University, made the decision to become a storyteller and embarked on a journey to London. This decision ultimately led them both to be in front of TV cameras, perform in London’s West End, and even grace the stages of Broadway. It was during their time in New York that they purchased their very first Sony camera kit and invested in months of 121 training, igniting their love for photography.

On returning to the UK, Elizabeth and Mark worked with the BBC and it was during these years that their true film and photographic journey began. Transitioning from being in front of the camera to being behind it, they had the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s most innovative and influential directors.  Their time at the BBC also afforded them the chance to work on live shows as well as working on location. These years immersed them in highly creative and competitive environments, shaping their artistic vision and storytelling abilities.

Driven by a desire to work alongside Kate & Brent, Mark and Elizabeth found their calling in capturing the essence of love through wedding film & photography. Over the course of the last 10 years, their dedication to their craft has only grown stronger, as they strive to tell authentic stories with a perfect balance of honesty, truth, and creativity, bringing aspects of direction, presence and vocal technique to each shoot and immediately putting those who feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, at ease.

Ashridge House Preferred Supplier

Ashridge House Preferred Supplier

Ashridge House holds a special place in our hearts and it is the wedding venue that we photograph and film the most.   We are delighted to be Recommended Suppliers for Photography and Film and Ashridge hold our CAA GVC for the drone - Ashridge is beautiful from all...

Sony Ambassadors

Sony Ambassadors

Sony Europe Imaging Ambassadors We are very proud to represent Sony as European Imaging Ambassadors for both Wedding Photography and Filming.    In a totally unregulated industry it must be very hard for couples to choose who to work with on their wedding day.  We...

Rotolight Masters of Light

Rotolight Masters of Light

The Perfect Lighting Solution for Hybrid Shooters More often than not our shoots now demand us to shoot both photographic stills and video.  Photographers like us who work on location in low light situations have previously relied on strobes to add any additional...


We understand you are afraid of making the wrong decisions about the people you are trusting to help create and capture your precious event.   Rightly so – sadly it is an unregulated industry and there is huge potential for disappointment with the results.

This is why we take the time to understand our clients so that we can take responsibility for preserving cherished memories of the things that matter the most to you.  So that you can relax and focus on how the moments feel and leave the rest to us.

 Choosing people to capture you, your family and friends on camera is a huge decision. We offer a rare combination of couples who shoot photographic stills, cinematic films and aerial footage.  Sony and Rotolight trust us to represent their brands and recognise us as some of the ‘world’s most respected and celebrated photographers and content creators‘.

We spend our lives chasing light and looking for magic. Creating a form of time travel for ourselves and our clients so that we can all return to special times or share memories with others. With over a decade of experience, we guarantee our clients work that is beautiful, evocative and artistic.  Work that stands out but also stands the test of time.

Ashridge House Preferred Supplier

Ashridge House Preferred Supplier

Ashridge House holds a special place in our hearts and it is the wedding venue that we photograph and film the most.   We are delighted to be Recommended Suppliers for Photography and Film and Ashridge hold our CAA GVC for the drone - Ashridge is beautiful from all...

Roman Baths Preferred Supplier

Roman Baths Preferred Supplier

The beautiful Roman Baths!  Unique venues like this are a rare gem.  It offers such a different experience and amazing wedding photography or video opportunities.  We have photographed a number of ceremonies as a preferred supplier including wedding elopements and...

Oxford & The Bodleian Weddings

Oxford & The Bodleian Weddings

Oxford is a city that we absolutely love and know very well (Mark studied his DPhil in Biochemistry at Trinity). It offers the most beautiful backdrop to wedding photography and films and we love to walk the streets with our couples.  They always have their own...


We are preferred suppliers at historic venues like the Royal Palaces, the Bodleian Library, Blenheim Palace, the Roman Baths and Ashridge House.

Like many of our Clients we love historic buildings.  For the beauty they offer but also the feelings they evoke and the stories they tell.   HOWEVER they often present significant lighting challenges.

Electric lighting is a relatively new component to most heritage interiors. Unless the building dates from after 1920 it’s most likely that it would have originally been lit with wax candles, oil lamps or gas mantle lighting.  And much of modern lighitng is designed to be sympathetic to this aesthetic.  

This just means that we bring powerful yet portable lighting solutions and use the best lowlight cameras to ensure we can maintain our high standards of both quality and creativity. 


David Tennant


“The more time goes on and the more I look at my pictures, they get more and more intensely beautiful, like timeless magic”

– Anna Jagger


“We honestly can’t express how grateful we are to you both, it’s a really incredible thing to have all of our memories captured so perfectly”

– Catherine & Sarah